Saturday, 27 August 2011

Reading Festival.

That had definitely been one of the best days of my life; even through the pouring rain that created paddling-pools of mud, i can say that it was fantastic.
Yesterday i went to Reading festival with my sibling, for the first time. I went primarily to see Thirty Seconds to Mars, but i have to say that every other band that i saw, even the one whose name i dont remember, made that day awesome.
When we finally got through the gate a little after eleven and after a long trek through campsites, i basically legged it to the main stage (a bit like everybody else) even though i knew nothing was going to start for an hour. I saw a band called something like hardships wreaked?? on the way and they seemed pretty good too. So yeah, by the time me and my sister got there, you can imagine that there was already a fair amount of people there striving to get to the barrier so there was no hope there. We just stood there playing Rock Paper Scissors until the architects came on.
This first band was pretty good, i hadn't really heard much from them before but it is safe to say that i am impressed, i can see why they were chosen to open on the main stage. Basically, even by that time the day had gotten pretty weird, there were people dressed up as dinosaurs, loads of people in Onesies (especially tiger ones), al sorts basically and watching them Mosh was the funniest thing. The architects managed to encourage a fair few circle pits, every couple of minutes one would erupt around us, the weird thing was that there was this specific guy, in a blue T-shirt, that was executing them. He seemed intent on starting a fight, he was constantly trying to swing at people. So yeah, basically the Architects were pretty cool, though i lost the Game.
Then came on the blackout. While the Architects just had one of those huge banners behind them of what seemed to be an album cover, the blackout went just one tiny stage further with one of them (stating F**K the Blackout) and personalised speakers on stage adorned with their cool, signiture... black and white thing....
So yeah, they were cool. The singers from the blackout talked to the audience more and interacted with them, the casual banter between the two was very entertaining. The singer with the blond tips in his hair rain to the edge of the barrier (a security guy holding him carefully) and got a load of mud swiped on his face. He then proceeded to go back and asked everyone in the audience to kneel on the floor, which by this time was pretty slushy. We did this skeptically at first, then gave in to aching muscles of course. We realised why he asked this after the shouted at everyone in the audience to start throwing mud at each other. Entertaining to say the least! The rest of the set was cool, as you'd expect from the blackout , and created many a mosh pits.
The next band was New Found Glory, my sister and I decided we were hungry at this point and escaped and looked around, at this point my brothers had gone out in search of painkillers and were on a 40 minute journey to get back in. We wandered round some cool shops for a while, saw a bit of hypnotism at the alternative stage and a cool band at another one. I bought a tiny stone that had a face for £2 andwe eventually found my Brothers. They were being pathetic, and set up chairs while we went to the barrier of the Moshing area to watch the rest of NFG. All i can really say about them is that they were good, i can't remember much else.
We stayed where we were for BMTH, which turned out to be a mistake. People were wrestling and dancing in the mud behind us but the band caught our full attention, it was probably the one that demanded the most audience participation. Oli, the singer, commanded sooo many mosh pits, and wasn't happy if they weren't big enough, he wanted them from wall to wall and ordered a wall of death. He then proceeded to ask the audience for someone who knew the words to the next song, that young man was called to the stage and gven a microphone and proceeded to sing as oli's echo. He was surprisingly good at screamo music i can tell you that, i was very impressed. Oli also invited anyone who wanted a High Five from him to make their way over the barrier and collect it. Soo many people did, and i can tell you i bet they weren't the least bit sorry when they were then escorted off. It was funny when the security guards started to form a wall in front of the stage to prevent people following him when he went back up. The audience was riled up at this point and didn't really need Oli's continuous support for circle pits. Then what happened, was that the bassist and one of the guitarists started stage diving while Oli was screaming at the audience to carry them to the big tower (quite far away). And the bassist was actually carried there, while Oli looked on in glee, getting his clothes very ripped in the process. At this point i saw the other guy make it back to the stage, then proceed to climb the scaffolding and start playing right next to the screens. Looking back, i then saw the bassist up the tower and playing there with the lucky spectators. This band was, by far, the most exciting.
Next was Rise Against. I really like Rise Against, they have some fantastic songs that are very easy to listen to and very catchy. However contrasting the to BMTH, they didn't do much to entice the crowd; then again it seemed that they didn't need to. The circle pits were definitely happening on their own and it seemed there was a lot of general respect for this band.
After them were the Deftones, now i can't say much about there performance because i wasn't there for much of it. Me and my sister went to the Alternate tent instead and listened to Henry Rollins stand up act, which was actually quite funny. You might be able to tell but i am not a huge fan of the deftones. We managed to get back about halfway through the next bands slot, which was The Offspring, and weaseled our way deep into the crowd, about a meter away from the front barrier in the middle. Eagerly awaiting for the moment to come when Thirty seconds to mars were to come on to the stage.
About 40 minutes later the moment arrived and it was awesome. They are definitely my favourite band, and obviously loads of other people because we definitely got very crushed. When Jared came up to greet the crowd i was SOO close and almost touched him but got very crushed instead. At least i found out that when you fall over, people are very gracious about picking you back up again. I cant really go into detail about what happened there, i was having too much fun. When we first saw Jared i swear he was wearing a poncho with what looked like chain mail underneath, then he was wearing a leather jacket after disappearing for a while then a shirt (which he lost to the audience). What was fun though was that, after saying that they may not be back in a while, he saw a guy in a tiger suit and invited him onto the stage, very confused. The guy then gave him the suit, which he wore for a song after inviting loads of other strangely dressed people onto the stage. The tiger guy got his suit back for the live photo and got to stand on the stage. I am sure this would have made his day. Throughout their performance there were blow-up animals floating through the crown and toilet paper like confetti shot into the audience. With the triad in the background and fantastic music videos and graphics playing on the screens behind them it was definitely a good show. Worth spending most of the show unable to breathe.
The headliners had a lot going for them, devoted fans and many circle pits happening spontaneously. Opening with Na na na and mixing in old and new songs was on their favour and served to get the audience well riled up. Contrasting to other bands they didn't interact with the audience much but for all intents and purposes, they didn't actually need to. The hardcore killjoy fans lapped it up and spat it back as praise. When they left though they got many shouts for an encore and, to my surprise, came back on with Brian May and played 'We Will Rock You' and finished with 'The Black Parade'. My chemical romance were awesome, they definitely got many mosh pits but people didn't seem to have the same obsession as with 30stm, there was less crushing. But u have to say that the fireworks, confetti and Brian May were a very good touch. For me though, the musical stylings of thirty seconds to mars were the highlight of my day. Definitely.

Sunday, 21 August 2011


I had forgotten about the joys of webcomics. I didn't realise how much i missed reading them; questionable content, charby the vampirate or Elijah and Azuu. Good times, Good times.
I started reading Questionable Content again today and i can tell you i have a lot to catch up with. At the moment i am on page 1319 of Questionable content, which sounds a lot until i realised that they are nearing the 2000 mark. I do recommend it though . So many jokes!
I have to say though that i can't pick a favourite character. As you would imagine, at first i thought PINTSIZE!!!! but then Hanners came in... Now i don't know....

I always find it hard to pick favourite characters in anything, because people make it so that each one has their own endearing qualities that shine during different times. Like in One Piece (My favourite Anime/Manga) i can never pick a favourite character because it always changes. At one point Luffy might be my favourite character because he's funny, strong, stupid and oddly honest, basically just awesome; then i might choose Ussop because of something that he has done or Franky. When Ace was first introduced he became my favourite character, then we didn't see him for a while so i kind of forgot about him, but when he came back he was my favourite character again.
I am so fickle in that respect that i have no loyalties to particular characters.
Except Richard of course. He will never change.

Saturday, 20 August 2011


I hate painting walls, i always make the worst mess; on the floor, the skirting board, the dogs, me. But i guess sometimes it just has to be done. It's even worse though when you have such an oddly shaped room, with half of it covered in windows and being all higgeldy piggeldy. I am so happy it's finally done though, one more thing that i no longer have to put off over the holidays. I guess doing something like this is a lot of effort and hassle but in the end its worth it and sooo much cheaper than paying someone to do it.
I guess its a win-win situation at the end of the day.
Painting pictures is so much more fun, if only i was better at it... i always get too impatient and make it simpler that i first pictured or not a detailed. Just worse in general really but at least i know where i am going wrong even if i cannot be bothered to do anything about it. Its all about effort i guess and how much i am committed to things. That's another reason why i can't be a writer, i get distracted or change my ideas too often.
Stupid short attention span... i blame TV.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Daughter of Evil

Omg, this is the most amazing story EVER! I seriously cannot stop watching it, its on repeat. I have a playlist of all of the songs in the series and i LOVE IT!
For those who don't know, its a Vocaloid song by someone called Mothy-p and it is awesome. All of his songs are awesome. The series is amazing and i really want to buy the album he has made- yes not download BUY!
Enough talking here it is:
There are many different video's for it, but this is one of my favourites, its definitely one of the best (my other fave is here : Link)

But i have to say that the second in the series is my favourite. There is something about Servant Of Evil that makes me so sad and happy at the same time, i feel sorry for Rin and hate her at the same time. Ilove the song, all the video's and the story it'self. I do love Lens voice as well.

Again, there are loads of different videos for this song, you'll have to find your own favourite really. I like them all, i just think the emotion in this one is amazing, and the continuation of the headband, the continuation of the theme is genius and wraps it all up really. It has a faint feel of innocence. (i also love this one: Link, which kind of goes with this DOE)

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Finger Painting!!

Finger painting! yay! one of the most distinguished forms of art.
I had forgotten how fun it was just to stick my fingers in the paint and go crazy , forget about the consequences (paint all over my laptop keyboard; i am too lazy for words). Whats even better is that i didn't make as much of a mess as i thought i would, Win! It kind of brought back the child in me for a moment, i think i needed that more than i would have guessed beforehand.
I was painting this painting that i had been planning for months, at least that was what i was pretending it was really that i just couldn't be bothered to start it, and i just gave in to my temptations really. Oddly enough i actually think that it made it look so much better than what i had originally thought, more expressive in a way. I'm not going to preach about how it's an amazing painting, because it's not, but i like it. Don't get me wrong though its not really a childish picture, i was just in that frame of mind half the time i painted it.
Might post it soon, who knows XD

Friday, 12 August 2011

Vocaloid Madness

I really cannot help this. They suck me in, i have no escape!! The first time i heard of Hatsune Miku i thought, as did most people i guess, she was part of an anime. Recently i started looking into it further and let me tell you i LOVE THEM!! All of them, especially the original english ones. Its hard to pick a favourite (i'm English it's not favorite!!) because it changes with all the different songs that i hear. The fist song i listened to properly, knowing what vocaloids were, was Love is War by Hatsune Miku and i was Instantly Addicted. You wont know this yet but i have a very addictive personality, once i get started on something i can get HOOKED, but i can move on equally as fast :D.
Anyway, i learnt all the lyrics and i still have it constantly in my head. It has turned into that song that i sing without really realizing (you meant realising) it, or just generally humming.
I know you'll all love it as much as i did!! XD
There is something about the idea of vocaloids that i love, its kind of like giving people who have given up on music a voice and the means to carry on with it. Even if their songs don't come out that good, or they bought a Japanese one and only know English, it gives them hope. (There are ways of changing the language of the program to English anyway and you can make English-sounding vocals out of Japanese syllables, they just don't sound quite right..) There are those who can speak both languages (Luka <3) but it is important to remember that it started out as an English thing. People tend to forget about the Engloids like Lola, Miriam, Big Al, Sonika, Leon etc because everyone is so obsessed with the Japanese ones. Its sad but true.
Getting off topic here.
Anyway i wanted to spread the joy in a way; as far as the vocaloid world goes, there is so much to discover and learn. As cheesy as that sounds i find it to be true. One day, when i am rich, i WILL buy a vocaloid and it will be awesome! I downloaded UTAU and its cool but i lack enthusiasm (freeware version of Vocaloid basically) and the knowledge of the Japanese language or at least how to make it English. Perhaps I'll just stick to listening to the genius of others. I'm too lazy to do anything else....

Thursday, 11 August 2011

I want that cake!

Ha ha! this is hilarious. I spent ages trying to figure out how he got the voice to sound so much like Nicholas cage and then i realized that it was that scene from the Family Man.
How Stupid do i feel now.... XD
Also... dare i say it....
yep i went there, as did millions of others, It's sad but that reference is quickly becoming a cliche. It's OK Glados, i am sure people will enjoy your delicious cake someday, we all saw that there was one in that room, she was PROBABLY planing to give it to you...

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Some Sort Of Insomnia

Not being able to sleep is really annoying sometimes, then again i probably don't have to tell all you people out there. Everybody experiences Sleep deprivation at some point in their lives, be it because they are stressed, scared, busy or have no idea there is always an underlying reason.
Mine might be something to do with having a very demanding 8 week old kitten to look after. She is very cute but i am starting to think she is becoming nocturnal. I know it is usual for kittens to sleep during the day, 16 hours they are supposed to sleep out of 24 i think, but i swear its because she uses up all of her energy trying to find ways of keeping me awake at night.
Not that i mind, it gives me useful time to do things like this.
Look at her sleeping:

Isn't that the CUTEST thing you have EVER SEEN!
Though i might be a little biased, you know because she is my cat.

Moving on to different matters.
Whats with all this rioting in big cities these past few days? i mean we all have heard about what started the initial riots, but boy did they spread like wildfire! People are just looting now for the sake of looting! Its so strange because its the kind of behavior that you see in movies, on like 'end of the world' kind of films where everybody is stoking up to survive and 'Damn everybody else!'. Except we aren't in a movie, and the world is not ending (actually that is still up for debate but oh well). People need to get a grip and see that they cant do this, even if there is nothing physically stopping you from rioting, whats the point if you don't have a good reason? Surely there is something Morally stopping you if anything. I can't quite understand it myself. Jiminy Cricket seems to have gone on holiday.
I should probably focus on the riots themselves. Its so sad when you hear things like a shop was completely burned down, one that had been in this family for five generations. That's a long time. Imagine all the work and how much these people have invested into this, their livelihood. Not just that but all the other shops that got looted, burned or the worst is ransacked for tooled to make stealing from other shops easier. Its even worse that the violence is spreading.
It makes me happy though when i hear stories about locals trying to protect their community. True community spirit. I don't really have that because i am a social recluse but i do admire the people who do. And to have that shot down by driving a car through innocent civilians.
I believe that some of the people in this country have gone too far. Can't they think about the lives they are destroying, and less about themselves.
I say well done to all the residents of streets and towns who are standing up to make a difference, who prove that we can all still live peacefully and violence is not the answer; and i support those who are trying their hardest with the cleanup.
Unfortunately this is all i can do.
I don't know as much about it as i should. This might help clear things up:

A Brand New Day

Its... The Middle of a wonderful summer day. As usual i am hiding in my room, on the internet of course even if i do have the worst connection speed in the world, instead of learning wonderful life skills from the outside world.
Who needs social skills.
I kind of went off topic there.
I was supposed to introduce my new Blog to anyone who might happen to pounce upon it. (pounce? what?? how do you pounce into a webpage??) Thats not the point..
I am here for my own entertainment mostly; as a broke teenager with , as i discussed earlier, little social skills, i have not much else to do besides sitting here and spilling my nonsense thoughts onto my keyboard! Such fun! (can't stop saying that after watching miranda: link) Well i hope you enjoy this mixture of topics. I look forward to having at least one follower!!! :)

Now lets get started. Skadoosh!!