Wednesday, 10 August 2011

A Brand New Day

Its... The Middle of a wonderful summer day. As usual i am hiding in my room, on the internet of course even if i do have the worst connection speed in the world, instead of learning wonderful life skills from the outside world.
Who needs social skills.
I kind of went off topic there.
I was supposed to introduce my new Blog to anyone who might happen to pounce upon it. (pounce? what?? how do you pounce into a webpage??) Thats not the point..
I am here for my own entertainment mostly; as a broke teenager with , as i discussed earlier, little social skills, i have not much else to do besides sitting here and spilling my nonsense thoughts onto my keyboard! Such fun! (can't stop saying that after watching miranda: link) Well i hope you enjoy this mixture of topics. I look forward to having at least one follower!!! :)

Now lets get started. Skadoosh!!

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