Sunday, 14 August 2011

Finger Painting!!

Finger painting! yay! one of the most distinguished forms of art.
I had forgotten how fun it was just to stick my fingers in the paint and go crazy , forget about the consequences (paint all over my laptop keyboard; i am too lazy for words). Whats even better is that i didn't make as much of a mess as i thought i would, Win! It kind of brought back the child in me for a moment, i think i needed that more than i would have guessed beforehand.
I was painting this painting that i had been planning for months, at least that was what i was pretending it was really that i just couldn't be bothered to start it, and i just gave in to my temptations really. Oddly enough i actually think that it made it look so much better than what i had originally thought, more expressive in a way. I'm not going to preach about how it's an amazing painting, because it's not, but i like it. Don't get me wrong though its not really a childish picture, i was just in that frame of mind half the time i painted it.
Might post it soon, who knows XD

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