Sunday, 21 August 2011


I had forgotten about the joys of webcomics. I didn't realise how much i missed reading them; questionable content, charby the vampirate or Elijah and Azuu. Good times, Good times.
I started reading Questionable Content again today and i can tell you i have a lot to catch up with. At the moment i am on page 1319 of Questionable content, which sounds a lot until i realised that they are nearing the 2000 mark. I do recommend it though . So many jokes!
I have to say though that i can't pick a favourite character. As you would imagine, at first i thought PINTSIZE!!!! but then Hanners came in... Now i don't know....

I always find it hard to pick favourite characters in anything, because people make it so that each one has their own endearing qualities that shine during different times. Like in One Piece (My favourite Anime/Manga) i can never pick a favourite character because it always changes. At one point Luffy might be my favourite character because he's funny, strong, stupid and oddly honest, basically just awesome; then i might choose Ussop because of something that he has done or Franky. When Ace was first introduced he became my favourite character, then we didn't see him for a while so i kind of forgot about him, but when he came back he was my favourite character again.
I am so fickle in that respect that i have no loyalties to particular characters.
Except Richard of course. He will never change.

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