Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Some Sort Of Insomnia

Not being able to sleep is really annoying sometimes, then again i probably don't have to tell all you people out there. Everybody experiences Sleep deprivation at some point in their lives, be it because they are stressed, scared, busy or have no idea there is always an underlying reason.
Mine might be something to do with having a very demanding 8 week old kitten to look after. She is very cute but i am starting to think she is becoming nocturnal. I know it is usual for kittens to sleep during the day, 16 hours they are supposed to sleep out of 24 i think, but i swear its because she uses up all of her energy trying to find ways of keeping me awake at night.
Not that i mind, it gives me useful time to do things like this.
Look at her sleeping:

Isn't that the CUTEST thing you have EVER SEEN!
Though i might be a little biased, you know because she is my cat.

Moving on to different matters.
Whats with all this rioting in big cities these past few days? i mean we all have heard about what started the initial riots, but boy did they spread like wildfire! People are just looting now for the sake of looting! Its so strange because its the kind of behavior that you see in movies, on like 'end of the world' kind of films where everybody is stoking up to survive and 'Damn everybody else!'. Except we aren't in a movie, and the world is not ending (actually that is still up for debate but oh well). People need to get a grip and see that they cant do this, even if there is nothing physically stopping you from rioting, whats the point if you don't have a good reason? Surely there is something Morally stopping you if anything. I can't quite understand it myself. Jiminy Cricket seems to have gone on holiday.
I should probably focus on the riots themselves. Its so sad when you hear things like a shop was completely burned down, one that had been in this family for five generations. That's a long time. Imagine all the work and how much these people have invested into this, their livelihood. Not just that but all the other shops that got looted, burned or the worst is ransacked for tooled to make stealing from other shops easier. Its even worse that the violence is spreading.
It makes me happy though when i hear stories about locals trying to protect their community. True community spirit. I don't really have that because i am a social recluse but i do admire the people who do. And to have that shot down by driving a car through innocent civilians.
I believe that some of the people in this country have gone too far. Can't they think about the lives they are destroying, and less about themselves.
I say well done to all the residents of streets and towns who are standing up to make a difference, who prove that we can all still live peacefully and violence is not the answer; and i support those who are trying their hardest with the cleanup.
Unfortunately this is all i can do.
I don't know as much about it as i should. This might help clear things up:

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