Friday, 12 August 2011

Vocaloid Madness

I really cannot help this. They suck me in, i have no escape!! The first time i heard of Hatsune Miku i thought, as did most people i guess, she was part of an anime. Recently i started looking into it further and let me tell you i LOVE THEM!! All of them, especially the original english ones. Its hard to pick a favourite (i'm English it's not favorite!!) because it changes with all the different songs that i hear. The fist song i listened to properly, knowing what vocaloids were, was Love is War by Hatsune Miku and i was Instantly Addicted. You wont know this yet but i have a very addictive personality, once i get started on something i can get HOOKED, but i can move on equally as fast :D.
Anyway, i learnt all the lyrics and i still have it constantly in my head. It has turned into that song that i sing without really realizing (you meant realising) it, or just generally humming.
I know you'll all love it as much as i did!! XD
There is something about the idea of vocaloids that i love, its kind of like giving people who have given up on music a voice and the means to carry on with it. Even if their songs don't come out that good, or they bought a Japanese one and only know English, it gives them hope. (There are ways of changing the language of the program to English anyway and you can make English-sounding vocals out of Japanese syllables, they just don't sound quite right..) There are those who can speak both languages (Luka <3) but it is important to remember that it started out as an English thing. People tend to forget about the Engloids like Lola, Miriam, Big Al, Sonika, Leon etc because everyone is so obsessed with the Japanese ones. Its sad but true.
Getting off topic here.
Anyway i wanted to spread the joy in a way; as far as the vocaloid world goes, there is so much to discover and learn. As cheesy as that sounds i find it to be true. One day, when i am rich, i WILL buy a vocaloid and it will be awesome! I downloaded UTAU and its cool but i lack enthusiasm (freeware version of Vocaloid basically) and the knowledge of the Japanese language or at least how to make it English. Perhaps I'll just stick to listening to the genius of others. I'm too lazy to do anything else....

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