Friday, 30 September 2011

Three Days Grace

People are going to start thinking i'm very fickle, though i pretty much am, but i am definitely at a new stage of obsession.
Now, i first heard of Three days Grace about 4 years ago, in 2007 when i heard, you guessed it, 'I hate everything about you' on a random video on Youtube. Unfortunately, i didn't really look any further into the matter (i'm very different now, i can assure you!) and promptly forgot about them.
Then 'Dark Knight' came out and it changed EVERYTHING. Basically, not that long after the movie came out, i watched a music video attributing 'Animal i have become' by three days grace with Heath Ledger as the joker (who is the best joker EVER, even than Mark Hamill, and that's saying something!) and i loved it. It worked perfectly. The video itself was random clips of the joker piled in with clips of what i think was from other three days grace music videos, though if you asked me what one, i couldn't tell you as it was such a long time ago! And yet this is where the obsession started.
Basically, i looked into them and listened to practically all of their songs and you may be able to tell that i loved it. For a very long time, 'Time of Dying' was my all-time favourite song and i would play it over and over again from my phone (that could only hold about 3 songs ^^).
I distinctly remember one music class when my teacher asked us to bring in our own music to play so that they could all comment on it. I'm not sure why really. Well, i volunteered to play mine and at the last minute i changed my mind from 'Time of Dying' to 'Never Too Late'. That, unfortunately, turned out to be a bad decision. This is where i need to point out that everybody in my class was a pop music lover, and they did not appreciate this song. The comments were all along the lines of: 'It's too whiney', 'It never really goes anywhere' or 'It's so boring'; This of course was after about a minute of the song. They didn't even give it a chance before they all completely dismissed it!
Anyway, my point is that i got obsessed with them very quickly, i don't understand why they aren't a household name by now because i think their songs are very catchy and just generally fantastic. I love Adam Gontiers voice as well, it's very distinctive - In a very good way- and i just love the way he sings and shouts!
I lost track of Three Days Grace for a while, until of course their newest album came out (Life Starts Now) Which practically renewed my obsession. I bought it almost immediately!
My whole pint behind this is that i recently re-listened to all of my Three Days Grace CD's and i remembered how awesome they were.
I guess i just wanted to share the love ^^
BTW, If anyone knows what Joker video i am talking about (it's a long shot i know) i would LOVE to see it again. I know there is probably a LOAD of them now, but the one i am looking for is specific. I am full of the helpful i know!
Thank You!!

Sunday, 25 September 2011

I made a heart with my shoe ^^ he he!

Ginger Bread House!! Doesn't it look.... delicious... ^^
I think it does anyway! and it was....
Eating it kinda made it fall apart!! ^^

Saturday, 24 September 2011


I love this song, and i love Charlie Sheen. You cant hate someone who tries to convince the public that he's a warlock! Though i think recently Charlie has calmed down a little ~ 'I'm done with Winning, because i've already won' (indirect quote)
Though i vow not to watch the new Two and a half men. Ashton Kutcher?? Never! To me he's still 'dude wheres my car?' guy...

I only have one speed- GO!!

Friday, 16 September 2011

Falling In Reverse

In a very short time, i think that i have fallen in love with 'Falling in Reverse'. I think that i have always loved Ronnie Radke's voice, ever since i heard Situations when he was in Escape the fate. The music video may be rather crude, but i think that the song itself is pretty awesome! (Definitely one of my favourite ETF songs, that and 'Lost in Darkness')
I can't really explain my attraction to this band, just like i cant really explain anything i guess; they just produce such awesome sounding songs. Ronnie is definitely a belter and it works for him, i don't care if he seems full of himself (Quote- 'Thats why they call me king of the music scene') because i love his voice and the songs he writes in general. 'The drug in me is you' was definitely a CD that i didn't mind buying! It's not just his voice that makes the songs, in general the song composition is always very catchy and they are the kind of songs i can see people rocking out or moshing to. They contain a certain element, beat maybe or tone, that appeals to my love of music quite strongly and causes my head to bob! That sounds quite sad... I'll go with Headbang instead, it sounds more manly! I'm not a man though... lets say that it sounds more.... Hard? Rock-like?
I really do need to get out more....
Before i make more of a fool of myself, here's Falling in reverse:

Monday, 12 September 2011


I had my first day at college today and let me tell you, it was liberating. I don't have to wear a knee-length skirt, a stupid shirt and tie or a blazer. I can wear whatever i want. That is simply the greatest thing for me at the moment. That, and the fact that i can walk into town during any frees or during lunch and at the end of the day. Its sweet freedom that's what i smell. After being a boarder for five years, i am finally able to let loose and fly. SWEEEEETT!!
I love my timetable as well, and the fact that i am only doing the subjects that I want to do, not the subjects that I HAVE to do.
The only problem i face is that i am going to have to make a whole mess of new friends, because i am in a class with literally NO ONE!! I didn't know anyone in my tutor, i have made one or two friends now but i do need to try harder.
I haven't written this yet, but i have trouble approaching people or even striking up a conversation. It's definitely safe to say that i need to work on my social skills; or maybe i just need to pick my targets more carefully. Hmmm, a thought for the future...

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Random Deviation Time!

I love to press the random deviation button on It shows me so many deviations that i probably would never have found, or some of them never want to.
Today i pressed it and i found this digital artist who does some of the most BEAUTIFUL pictures, and yet she/he doesn't seem to have much of a following.
Here's the deviation that it showed me:

It's simply beautiful isn't it?
The lines, the colour, the emotion on her face. I was almost speechless when i saw it, then i saw that it only had 3 comments.... this definitely deserves more than that!!
i can't really explain my feelings, but what i can say is that i love this picture, it's one of the best i have seen on deviantart and it has hardly any recognition. That is what i call injustice!!
The detail on her hair is more that you would imagine, the highlights on her fit perfectly in with the bright bursts in the background and i love the way that she/he has made it look like light is coming from her beautiful eyes. The texture in the background fits perfectly; the whole thing has a fantasy-feel. I am not very good at critique-ing pictures, i know this. All i can say is that i love it.
It's just perfect, and the emotion...
I am too emotional right now to elaborate XD

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Hunger Games

I love the Hunger Games books, i read them a while ago (bought the sequels as soon as they came out ^^) and i first thought that it was just another version of Battle Royale, though this was half the reason i bought it, but i learned that there was more to the book than that.
Long story short, i LOVED it.
You can guess my excitement (and a little horror) when i heard it was going to be turned into a movie.
And i found the first trailer SQUEEEEEE!

Its not the most exciting and informative of trailers, but it's a start.

Friday, 2 September 2011


My Kitten escaped today. She didn't go far, just into the bushes outside our front door; but that's not the point. She hasn't had her final injections yet so she is actually not allowed outside just in case she catches something- its for her own good! But again that's not the problem.
The problem is that she is an almost pure white cat (apart from a little black splodge on her forehead) and got COVERED in mud. Just my luck. Let me tell you it wasn't hard catching her initially, but cleaning her is the worst. I know cats clean themselves so you don't need to, but after a couple of hours she did nothing so i thought it was best to try. I used this soft brush that we used to use on our dogs, they hate it, but i couldn't keep her still long enough. She hated it when i tried ti clean her stomach and meowed so cutely that i had to let her go. I am a sucker for her adorable noises....
Long story short, i got her a little clean, but she is still running around with muddy legs.
If my mum was here she would kill me.