Friday, 2 September 2011


My Kitten escaped today. She didn't go far, just into the bushes outside our front door; but that's not the point. She hasn't had her final injections yet so she is actually not allowed outside just in case she catches something- its for her own good! But again that's not the problem.
The problem is that she is an almost pure white cat (apart from a little black splodge on her forehead) and got COVERED in mud. Just my luck. Let me tell you it wasn't hard catching her initially, but cleaning her is the worst. I know cats clean themselves so you don't need to, but after a couple of hours she did nothing so i thought it was best to try. I used this soft brush that we used to use on our dogs, they hate it, but i couldn't keep her still long enough. She hated it when i tried ti clean her stomach and meowed so cutely that i had to let her go. I am a sucker for her adorable noises....
Long story short, i got her a little clean, but she is still running around with muddy legs.
If my mum was here she would kill me.

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