Friday, 16 September 2011

Falling In Reverse

In a very short time, i think that i have fallen in love with 'Falling in Reverse'. I think that i have always loved Ronnie Radke's voice, ever since i heard Situations when he was in Escape the fate. The music video may be rather crude, but i think that the song itself is pretty awesome! (Definitely one of my favourite ETF songs, that and 'Lost in Darkness')
I can't really explain my attraction to this band, just like i cant really explain anything i guess; they just produce such awesome sounding songs. Ronnie is definitely a belter and it works for him, i don't care if he seems full of himself (Quote- 'Thats why they call me king of the music scene') because i love his voice and the songs he writes in general. 'The drug in me is you' was definitely a CD that i didn't mind buying! It's not just his voice that makes the songs, in general the song composition is always very catchy and they are the kind of songs i can see people rocking out or moshing to. They contain a certain element, beat maybe or tone, that appeals to my love of music quite strongly and causes my head to bob! That sounds quite sad... I'll go with Headbang instead, it sounds more manly! I'm not a man though... lets say that it sounds more.... Hard? Rock-like?
I really do need to get out more....
Before i make more of a fool of myself, here's Falling in reverse:

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