Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Random Deviation Time!

I love to press the random deviation button on It shows me so many deviations that i probably would never have found, or some of them never want to.
Today i pressed it and i found this digital artist who does some of the most BEAUTIFUL pictures, and yet she/he doesn't seem to have much of a following.
Here's the deviation that it showed me:

It's simply beautiful isn't it?
The lines, the colour, the emotion on her face. I was almost speechless when i saw it, then i saw that it only had 3 comments.... this definitely deserves more than that!!
i can't really explain my feelings, but what i can say is that i love this picture, it's one of the best i have seen on deviantart and it has hardly any recognition. That is what i call injustice!!
The detail on her hair is more that you would imagine, the highlights on her fit perfectly in with the bright bursts in the background and i love the way that she/he has made it look like light is coming from her beautiful eyes. The texture in the background fits perfectly; the whole thing has a fantasy-feel. I am not very good at critique-ing pictures, i know this. All i can say is that i love it.
It's just perfect, and the emotion...
I am too emotional right now to elaborate XD

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