Friday, 30 September 2011

Three Days Grace

People are going to start thinking i'm very fickle, though i pretty much am, but i am definitely at a new stage of obsession.
Now, i first heard of Three days Grace about 4 years ago, in 2007 when i heard, you guessed it, 'I hate everything about you' on a random video on Youtube. Unfortunately, i didn't really look any further into the matter (i'm very different now, i can assure you!) and promptly forgot about them.
Then 'Dark Knight' came out and it changed EVERYTHING. Basically, not that long after the movie came out, i watched a music video attributing 'Animal i have become' by three days grace with Heath Ledger as the joker (who is the best joker EVER, even than Mark Hamill, and that's saying something!) and i loved it. It worked perfectly. The video itself was random clips of the joker piled in with clips of what i think was from other three days grace music videos, though if you asked me what one, i couldn't tell you as it was such a long time ago! And yet this is where the obsession started.
Basically, i looked into them and listened to practically all of their songs and you may be able to tell that i loved it. For a very long time, 'Time of Dying' was my all-time favourite song and i would play it over and over again from my phone (that could only hold about 3 songs ^^).
I distinctly remember one music class when my teacher asked us to bring in our own music to play so that they could all comment on it. I'm not sure why really. Well, i volunteered to play mine and at the last minute i changed my mind from 'Time of Dying' to 'Never Too Late'. That, unfortunately, turned out to be a bad decision. This is where i need to point out that everybody in my class was a pop music lover, and they did not appreciate this song. The comments were all along the lines of: 'It's too whiney', 'It never really goes anywhere' or 'It's so boring'; This of course was after about a minute of the song. They didn't even give it a chance before they all completely dismissed it!
Anyway, my point is that i got obsessed with them very quickly, i don't understand why they aren't a household name by now because i think their songs are very catchy and just generally fantastic. I love Adam Gontiers voice as well, it's very distinctive - In a very good way- and i just love the way he sings and shouts!
I lost track of Three Days Grace for a while, until of course their newest album came out (Life Starts Now) Which practically renewed my obsession. I bought it almost immediately!
My whole pint behind this is that i recently re-listened to all of my Three Days Grace CD's and i remembered how awesome they were.
I guess i just wanted to share the love ^^
BTW, If anyone knows what Joker video i am talking about (it's a long shot i know) i would LOVE to see it again. I know there is probably a LOAD of them now, but the one i am looking for is specific. I am full of the helpful i know!
Thank You!!

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