Monday, 31 October 2011

Haaapppyy Halloowweeeeeeeen!!!

I love this time of the year, people feel less self conscious about thw weird clothes that they wear and oh... Free Sweets ^^.
I didn't really dress up this year, but i went to college wearing a Batman T-shirt with a utility belt i stole from my sisters Batman Costume; Paired with black tights and shoes i pretended to be Bat girl, yes that is my excuse!! I'm Bat girl Dammnit!! I was going to wear a cape but i accidently left it at home- SHOCK HORROR!! It was actually really dissapointing, i was like 'oh yeah i have a cape!' then i opened my bag... 'oh... no i don't...'

I did carve an AWESOME pumpkin though (poor thing), can you guess what i did?? Here's a hint...
"I am JACK! The pumpkin king..."
Yeah, you guessed it!!

Here is an awesome picture:
Come oooon!! Come oooooooooooonnn!
It's cool isn't it!!

Well, now a fun filled night of Bad movies awaits me!

up UP AND AWAY!!!!

Friday, 14 October 2011


I did something Naughty....

I bought the Deluxe version of Evanescence after college while i was wandering around town with my friends ^^ i know i already have the CD, but the temptation of new songs combined with bonus features..... i just couldn't help it! I can't miss out and NOT have evanescence songs! i am too obsessed for that! I DVD comes with the 'making of' and the music video (Which. I. LOVE!)

It was totally worth it! (£16.99!!)


Saturday, 8 October 2011


I got the new Evanescence CD in the post today and let me tell you i was SURPRISED!! i thought that i would get in on Monday or Tuesday, as i am pretty sure that October the 10th is it's release date. You cannot imagine my pure joy when i opened that package and saw what was inside; my excitement did not wane for hours.

I remember when i first heard Evanescence. My brother was going through his teenage Emo Phase (that didn't last very long) and he used to watch Kerrang! all of the time. One day i came in and Bring Me To Life was on and i thought it was Awesome, i was literally gobsmacked because i had never heard anything like it before. I was about 9 at the time and my perception of Rock was... well Avril Lavigne. Shocking i know (i have to admit i still like her though ^^). I was pretty much instantly hooked and i asked my brother if he had any Evanescence songs and he put them on my Mp3 player for me. I loved that thing, all i had on there was Evanescence and the first two My Chemical Romance albums. A couple of years past and, while being slightly obsessed with them, i didn't have any CD's (i actually didn't know HMV existed at this point in time, my naivety shocked even me) and when i saw the album 'Fallen' in a shop when i went to India, my friend lived there, i went a little crazy and bought it immediately!
You might be able to guess this by now, but i literally played it non-stop for weeks, maybe even months until..... you guessed it, i found their other album! I bought that when i found it as well and my obsession was renewed. You see this was all before i really because used to the internet, so i had no idea about album release dates, about the band themselves, or when they were playing or anything. All i knew was that their music Rocked.
My obsession kind of got overshadowed though when i realised how awesome Thirty Seconds to Mars was though, i kind of regret that. I had always listened to them because they were on Kerrang! too, but i got more and more interested as time passed. Now they've replaced Evanescence as my favourite band. But that doesn't stop me loving Evanescence and their music, they are very close second and this new CD really just showed me why!

The first song on the CD was 'What You Want' their most recent single and it is so catchy it's unbelievable , i have had it stuck in my head ALL DAY!

This is so annoying, i want to talk about all of the songs and how awesome they are.... but i don't really want to give it away for anyone who hasn't heard them yet! (CD is supposed to some out on Monday!) I know i wont be the only one with it, i'm not that stupid, but for now i will hold my tongue. And learn all the words ^^...