Monday, 31 October 2011

Haaapppyy Halloowweeeeeeeen!!!

I love this time of the year, people feel less self conscious about thw weird clothes that they wear and oh... Free Sweets ^^.
I didn't really dress up this year, but i went to college wearing a Batman T-shirt with a utility belt i stole from my sisters Batman Costume; Paired with black tights and shoes i pretended to be Bat girl, yes that is my excuse!! I'm Bat girl Dammnit!! I was going to wear a cape but i accidently left it at home- SHOCK HORROR!! It was actually really dissapointing, i was like 'oh yeah i have a cape!' then i opened my bag... 'oh... no i don't...'

I did carve an AWESOME pumpkin though (poor thing), can you guess what i did?? Here's a hint...
"I am JACK! The pumpkin king..."
Yeah, you guessed it!!

Here is an awesome picture:
Come oooon!! Come oooooooooooonnn!
It's cool isn't it!!

Well, now a fun filled night of Bad movies awaits me!

up UP AND AWAY!!!!

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