Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Life is hectic!

Life IS Hectic. i barely have time to do anything on the internet anymore- i have too much work to do :( that's pretty much the only downside of college though. Everything else= AWESOME!!
Right! better get started then, shouldn't i?
well, there have been a few things that i have got into recently; i have ALWAYS been an Eddsworld fan, and i mean ALWAYS. I really do love Eddsworld, it's just hilarious and -this is rare nowadays- original! But, as fans would already know, the creator (Edd if you haven't guessed) is currently enduring a battle with cancer. :(
This may have momentarily put a hold on new Eddsworld material, but we all feel for poor Edd. So, recently i have been (slightly) expanding my horizons and started watching the video's of one of Edds friends, and character on the show, Tom. His Youtube account is called Tomska or DarkSquidge. I really do love his blogs, its the kind of random comedy that i enjoy - One of his newest:
It makes me giggle every time^^
Basically, what i'm trying to say, is that i love Tomska. And so should everyone else!!!
I can't be bothered to put anything else today... but i will post again soon!

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