Saturday, 4 February 2012


Shhhhh don't tell her, but i found one of my Best friends youtube channel. This is so exciting, but she doesn't have nearly enough veiws in my opinion, no comments or anything! She deserves it i really mean it.
First is her cover of Underneath Your Clothes By Shakira (i've never actually heard the original haha but i can appreciate this!!)

Ain't she awesome!! you know it to be true.
This next song she wrote herself, i think it got her an A at GCSE Music (so proud :') )

You have to admit that she's pretty good. You know you want to show her by watching them over and over ;) or at least comment to tell her what you think. She's one of the loveliest people that i know and i'm pretty sure it'll make her day if she gets a little recognition for her hard work!! She doesn't know that i found these and i wont tell her in case she gets embarrassed. But please O.O be nice :P