Monday, 26 March 2012

Easter eggs :D

whooo it's lovely to come into college on a slightly chilly monday morning, when you have a boring hour free, only to discover that the college has organised for over 1000 creme eggs around campus for us to find. If this isn't a win then i don't know what is :D seriously happy right now.

It's not even the fact that i get to eat free chocolate that makes me happy, it's just the idea that everyone is happy and it's sunny outside. Just generally good really. :)

Some people are being pigs though, naming no names *ahem* Matt *ahem* who had eaten 12 by the end of the first lesson. Not that bad though, he did find about 17 but gave some away, how lovely -.- i found 2 but i gave one to my best friend because she comes in later and didn't know. Aren't i just the best :P haha.

I can't wait until the Easter holidays, this is a wonderful reminder that it is almost time for a day of more chocolate ;) You've got to love the holidays, i get two whole weeks of... Revision and art work. That sounds like so much fun does it not? Oh well. It'll be good anyway i'm sure :)

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

College Days

I don't know if it's just my mindset or an illusion of a false reality that i'm trying to impose upon myself, but things are... Interesting lately. I don't really know how to explain it to be honest. Life is different, but also the same at the same time if that makes any sort of sense. I guess it doesn't. I'll try to explain..
My life used to be a blur of work, staying in my room with few friends and no real social life. I know it sounds like i'm complaining but i'm really not. The weird this was that i liked life when it was like that; a bit of a social recluse, but a happy social recluse.
Nowadays i have changed so much, i want to go out more. In a way, i NEED to go out more because my friends are a lot more demanding of social interraction. I do enjoy it though, and the presence of a boyffriend will do that to you as well. But i'll talk more about him later :). Life is a lot more dramatic as well, i never used to understand the dramas of a teenegers life before because i didn't really have cause to. My life had no drama.... But surely enough, as i have become more mentally mature, i am finding thsese problems are a lot more pressing than i had previously anticipated. That was a weird thing to suddenly have thrusted upon me, especially seeing as i was thoroughly unprepared for all the teenage-angsty situations that would be put before me.
I don't really mean to complain though, this new experience has made it so that my life has become so much more interesting and exciting it's ridiculous. I feel liike i have slightly more of a reason to live. Slightly less lost if you will. That doesn't mean i have quite found myself though, but it's definitely an improvement. I still have no idea what i want to spend the rest of my life doing, what i do know is that i feel the tinyest bit closer to the realisation that i crave. Good for me :). Whooo. My problem is that i don't like waste, so i hate the idea of choosing a path that is meaningless.
Wow, this post has changed subject so much during the course of wrriting it haha. Oh well, i'll get over it XD

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Hello World!

I can't tell you how long it has taken for me to find a way to blog using my mobile, though i'm not sure if when i try and post this that it i'll work- but it's worth a try i guess.

Well, what should i say... Life... Ain't it great?

I can't decide whether i mean that sarcastically or not...

I guess i don't. Ifound something yesterday that made me giggle soooo much for so long haha. TYpe into Youtube 'Vegeta will always love you', you may not be a fan of dragonball or any of the variations but it definitely is worth watching. I literally watched it like 500 times in a row (luckily it's only 41 seconds long.

Hello World.