Monday, 26 March 2012

Easter eggs :D

whooo it's lovely to come into college on a slightly chilly monday morning, when you have a boring hour free, only to discover that the college has organised for over 1000 creme eggs around campus for us to find. If this isn't a win then i don't know what is :D seriously happy right now.

It's not even the fact that i get to eat free chocolate that makes me happy, it's just the idea that everyone is happy and it's sunny outside. Just generally good really. :)

Some people are being pigs though, naming no names *ahem* Matt *ahem* who had eaten 12 by the end of the first lesson. Not that bad though, he did find about 17 but gave some away, how lovely -.- i found 2 but i gave one to my best friend because she comes in later and didn't know. Aren't i just the best :P haha.

I can't wait until the Easter holidays, this is a wonderful reminder that it is almost time for a day of more chocolate ;) You've got to love the holidays, i get two whole weeks of... Revision and art work. That sounds like so much fun does it not? Oh well. It'll be good anyway i'm sure :)

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