Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Argos Value :D

This is an amazing find for me :D I have spent my life plagued with frizzy and curly hair. Not fun i can tell you. And i would spend HOURS straightening it. I have had a few different straighteners in my time. The first ones i ever got were strange, they were cordless straighteners that you would leave to heat up and charge for a few minutes and then use for a few minutes and it was a horrible cycle of disappointment. It took ages to straighten my hair that ended at my waist. NOT WORTH IT. Though i cannot actually remember what brand those straighteners are, my advice for the future is steer clear of cordless ones.

Next i had GHD's and they were wonderful :D they straightened my hair so well, and i completely understood the hype around them after that. No matter what people will tell you they are GREAT value for money, and they are very expensive so that should tell you a lot about them. You get great control over the settings, or at least more control than my charged-up cordless straighteners which, i can tell you, made me very happy.

I broke them.

I don't know how or why but the wire exploded off the straighteners once when i was using them, sparking there and at the plug on the wall. I was not impressed, it meant that i couldn't straighten my hair for AGES. That there is some teenage drama for you ;)

So my mother bought me some Tresseme hair straighteners that were ok. They did the job
I think they were these ones:
Philips HP4642/27 Tresemme Ceramic Hair Straightener

They are quite good i have to admit, but for some reason would always allow my hair to have a FLICK to it at the bottom. I thought it was just the natural wave of my hair defying all that i could do to cultivate it. Don't believe me? Here is proof:

Ok it,s not a PERFECT representation but in my defense, that's because i often either didn't take a picture of my annoying hair or spent longer or a LOT more effort straightening it if i wanted to take a picture.....
Anyways i broke those ones too, surprise surprise, one day it just suddenly tripped the fuse in my room (luckily my room has the fuse box in it so it wasn't too much effort to fix XD) the fuse in its plug was fine so i perceived them as being broken. I didn't know anything about thermal fuses so i decided to go on ebay for some new straighteners. And here is the tale of the ones i found. The CHEAPEST ones. because i an a stingy..... person.

Argos Value hair straighteners. Yes. Here they are:

Who'd have thought? :D

And believe it or not they are the BEST ones that i have ever used, what is this madness? I straightened my hair with them yesterday in about 5 to 10 minutes and it looked as good as when i used to spend at least an hour doing it with my last ones.

This is a win if you ask me, i am most likely going to break them again because technology happens to crumble around me, but that is fine because they were so cheap :D and came in a couple of days. Never before has my reluctance to spend my money on expensive things been so profitable for me. This is a good day ^^

That's all i wanted to say, these Value straighteners are MORE than worth the money i spent on them, i can't believe they are not more expensive to be honest!!

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