Tuesday, 22 May 2012

I found loads of cool Dark room stuff I did in College. I think they look cool XD

They are made out of newspaper and other bits and bobs, in this case ribbon and a light bulb. :D

(my hand XD)

They are really random, but seeing as i was bored i started scanning things into my computer, so here we go XD Too bad i am done for College Art until september, i would have liked to do more because this was really fun. I forgotten what the machines we were using are called but apparantly they have stopped making them and cannot be replaced. So it was heavily implied that breaking them would mean certain death... :)

They all had names though, of the characters from Friends, i got to work with Joey and Phoebe on two separate days, because we took pictures with pinhole cameras as well but i stuck them on my Art sheets. So they wont ever be resurfacing i suppose, they are property of the Art department now :D

So anyway... enjoy.

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