Monday, 25 June 2012


I can't stop watching Bing's videos i think i may be getting slightly obsessed. The trouble is that he has such a range of different things to choose from when you want to watch him. He, of course, does Past Bing Future Bing (a conversation through time) where he has videoed himself on a day last year and posts it onto youtube the same day of this year. Then he posts a video response to that video. If that makes any sense at all... For example:
Past Bing:

Future Bing:

There are so many of these so far it's just amazing, there's like 180 or so. I love watching them because Bing just has such a great sense of humour, I like the way he talks as well. He also makes really cool like music videos for what i assume are his friends. Such as Kings of Men :

Or even:

I love this one as it it just so very random XD

He also makes his own song, i apologise for posting this because as a song it is just so very catchy and you will not be able to remove it from your mind. I first saw it when it was first posted and it STILL manages to pop up into my mind and plague my thoughs with its unbelievable awesomeness. Actually i am not sorry. Mua ha ha ha ha.

What else does bing do? hmmm :D he does funny random sketches The Washing Up , LOLCAT , German for beginners , A billion Dollars etc. you should just watch them all really.

He also does a little series calle Hi I'ma Draw You
which i also think is hilarious.
Oh and his comic Captain Baculum! I remember buying that from him at MCM. I debated against it but i am soooo glad I did ^^

I can't remember what else i wanted to say really haha
so here are his several channels:

so yeah.
Have fun!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

To Reduce Festering

I love the word festering.
Anyways, seeing as I shall no longer use my deviantart i thought i would post a few photo's of myself that were in my stash. So they have some sort of purpose you know :P
 here goes.

Hahahaha boy do i seem vain. Oh wells.

Soppy Songs

It's ridiculous how much i love soppy songs. It's ridiculous. Looking at me you wouldn't think it, all the black (and red) and the dark makeup and coloured hair. But the truth is that, although i am a fan of the death metal and screamo etc i am also rather partial to sad, even depressing indie songs. I guess it does fit in with the whole 'emo' look.

Secondhand serenade is a band that i have become rather fond of recently, it's ridiculous how much i love their songs. (it might just be 'his' songs, in the music videos there is only ever one guy and i have never bothered to look it up...) For instance 'Why' :

I cannot help but love this song, it is one i found a couple of days ago and it almost made me cry :/


I'll upload more when Blogger will let me (It's being fucked up....)

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Do you remember

For anyone who found this post via Google you would have found one of two pages. SCP containment breach... Or 'I can never explain myself'
For those who found the latter, i can say that dark times have arisen once more and so I shall be a lot less cheerful than i have been recently. I will not talk about it because that is not what i do, for what random stranger out there would actually care?

I am also generally not a sharing person XD never have been. Never will be. Thats why it's so hard for me to connect with other people. Years of abuse buils a shell that is impenetrable to most people. Though I am a lovely person i promise.

At least thats what people tell me.

To distract myself i am watching Iron Sky with my brother. Its... Interesting. So far an american lady did the Hitler shouty meme and they turned a Black man White.

I am not quite sure to what extent i approve haha. It's entertaining thats for sure.