Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Soppy Songs

It's ridiculous how much i love soppy songs. It's ridiculous. Looking at me you wouldn't think it, all the black (and red) and the dark makeup and coloured hair. But the truth is that, although i am a fan of the death metal and screamo etc i am also rather partial to sad, even depressing indie songs. I guess it does fit in with the whole 'emo' look.

Secondhand serenade is a band that i have become rather fond of recently, it's ridiculous how much i love their songs. (it might just be 'his' songs, in the music videos there is only ever one guy and i have never bothered to look it up...) For instance 'Why' :

I cannot help but love this song, it is one i found a couple of days ago and it almost made me cry :/


I'll upload more when Blogger will let me (It's being fucked up....)

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