Saturday, 21 July 2012

Batman: The Dark Knight Rises

Omg omg omg omg omg omg omg OH MY GOD!

5/5 10/10


I went to see batman yesterday (on the opening day :iconproudplz:)

and i have one thing to say....


I am a huge Batman fan so i may have been a little biased, but that could also mean that i would be very critical. I went in with very high expectations and they were all superceeded in the first 20 mins. I wouldn't hesitate to say that I thought that movie was better than the Avengers... and i loved the avengers... I have been living la vida loki since Thor...

It didn't have the comedy of the avengers, it was more dark and serious as Batman has become since good old Adam West. It was simply fantastic. I wont reveal anything, no :iconspoilersplz: because i know not everyone will have seen it yet. But my word... I watched it yesterday and i am still buzzing with happiness. I cannot think of a word that describes my love for that film... superspecialawesome doesn't cover it.

If you like Batman then i DEFINITELY recommend that you watch it. It got an ovation from the audience at my screening. EVERYONE was clapping. Even the annoying skeptical man behind me, no one came out of that cinema without a huge smile on their face.

Best. Film. Of. The. Year.

It was better than the dark knight. and that is something.


Lego batman came with me

Monday, 16 July 2012

What did I Just Read.

Well Now i am depressed.
Here, have some RED to emphasise the pain -_- good old emo lyrics.


Basically just listen to this playlist. Every song explains a little bit more.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Olympic Torch 2012 - Winchester

So, we got really excited yesterday to see the Olympic Torch go through Winchester. It makes sense really, i mean it's not like this is going to be something we are ever going to see ever again in our lifetimes. Or at least i doubt it anyway. So why not take advantage of this and be overly patriotic while we can? haha.

At college there were all sorts of festivities, such as sumo wrestling or that thing where you knock each other off a little platform with inflatable sticks. And donuts eating contests. I got quite sick :P

Then we went off into town to see the  actual flame going past.
The coca cola truck and all the people!

More coke truck XD

Oh look a coke truck

I don't remember but they were giving away free flags


Lloyds were giving away streamer things :D

Bus full of Olympic people ^^

The policemen were really friendly and kept saying hello and waving

More waving policemen!!

The children's art at the beginning

Look what it turned into :D

Yay childrens drawings ^^

look at all the people!

Our feet for some reason.

I didn't get a picture but I did manage to get a video of the actual flame passing:

Overall it was a bit anti-climatic but  oh well it was fun XD

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

I'm Learning

I decided a while ago that comics would be fun to draw, and i am currently learning how to use Flash so i can make animations (ITS SO HARD D:)
anyways here are a few things that i tried doing. There would be a lot more but my computer got wiped and i lost them all
(I weep and mourn for you lost art ;( )
anyways here we go:

This is an actual conversation my brothers had when they were trying to make a cake. The older one started taking orders from the younger, i questioned it and then he defended the younger. Then this happened haha.

The first animation (actually a gif) that i have made, It is supposed to look like they are saying "I love you" i tried to add the words but couldn't because i suck :P

This actually happened, i asked my friend to grow out his fro and it was AWESOME. Aren't afro's the coolest!?

I love Black Books, and especially Bernard (Dylan Moran is just the coolest) this is supposed to be a scene in it where they look after a friends house and Manny (Bill Bailey) puts a schiatzu machine where boobs should be and shouts that XD It made me laugh so much.

I am oddly proud of this one.

Anyway i am bored now - enjoy.