Tuesday, 3 July 2012

I'm Learning

I decided a while ago that comics would be fun to draw, and i am currently learning how to use Flash so i can make animations (ITS SO HARD D:)
anyways here are a few things that i tried doing. There would be a lot more but my computer got wiped and i lost them all
(I weep and mourn for you lost art ;( )
anyways here we go:

This is an actual conversation my brothers had when they were trying to make a cake. The older one started taking orders from the younger, i questioned it and then he defended the younger. Then this happened haha.

The first animation (actually a gif) that i have made, It is supposed to look like they are saying "I love you" i tried to add the words but couldn't because i suck :P

This actually happened, i asked my friend to grow out his fro and it was AWESOME. Aren't afro's the coolest!?

I love Black Books, and especially Bernard (Dylan Moran is just the coolest) this is supposed to be a scene in it where they look after a friends house and Manny (Bill Bailey) puts a schiatzu machine where boobs should be and shouts that XD It made me laugh so much.

I am oddly proud of this one.

Anyway i am bored now - enjoy.

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