Thursday, 12 July 2012

Olympic Torch 2012 - Winchester

So, we got really excited yesterday to see the Olympic Torch go through Winchester. It makes sense really, i mean it's not like this is going to be something we are ever going to see ever again in our lifetimes. Or at least i doubt it anyway. So why not take advantage of this and be overly patriotic while we can? haha.

At college there were all sorts of festivities, such as sumo wrestling or that thing where you knock each other off a little platform with inflatable sticks. And donuts eating contests. I got quite sick :P

Then we went off into town to see the  actual flame going past.
The coca cola truck and all the people!

More coke truck XD

Oh look a coke truck

I don't remember but they were giving away free flags


Lloyds were giving away streamer things :D

Bus full of Olympic people ^^

The policemen were really friendly and kept saying hello and waving

More waving policemen!!

The children's art at the beginning

Look what it turned into :D

Yay childrens drawings ^^

look at all the people!

Our feet for some reason.

I didn't get a picture but I did manage to get a video of the actual flame passing:

Overall it was a bit anti-climatic but  oh well it was fun XD

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