Sunday, 5 August 2012

Our Day was so hectic.

My friend and I went to London for a night, the first day our challenge was getting to her sister's house. We then proceeded to eat cheap burnt pizza, surprisingly delicious, while watching Weeds from about 8- 4.30 am . It was so worth it. If you have never seen Weeds you totally should. It is soo funny.

The next day though we got soooo lost n shizzle :P

It started off great, having a sort of lunch in Hyde Park
She has no idea i took this photo mua ha ha ha ha

Then to our surprise we saw that BT London Live was on XD and it was FREE! so, of course, he had to attend. Even though it meant throwing away Mountain dew, dr pepper, popcorn and waffles. It was worth it.

Cadbury tent?
Group photo :3 haha

Main stage showing olympic cycling.


Not as many people at the entrance

casually walking


more spectators.

We then had the pleasure of learning that Mcfly would be playing, how lovely that was XD neuther of us really know them (apart from the good old songs) but it was cool anyway.

I took some videos.

Then we had to rush back to London Victoria Coach station in time for catching our prepaid for coach. Obviously we got lost. went to arrivals instead of departures. And missed it. Luckily i had just enough money for the coach that was 2 hours later and bought us both a ticket. I was distressing but we managed to get everything sorted.

 The man sat infront in the waiting room had cool hair (haha)

 We bought happy meals as compensation for our loss

 Another beautiful team picture ;) hahaha

It was a lovely day. Thank you lily :D

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