Thursday, 20 September 2012

International Talk Like A Pirate day

International Talk like a pirate day (yesterday - 19th september) was bloody awesome ^^ seriously fun. I decided that, seeing as i started late and had more time, i woul make an effort to dress the part. So i went in in my pirate shirt, baggy trousers tucked into stripey socks with pirate boots, and a bandana and a cool coat. I also brought with me my Gospel of the flying spaghetti monster -

Wherein bobby henderson states that he compared this date to a random date in the year - july 10th - and found that it was always colder. And thus proclaimed it National Speak like a pirate day (correct me if i am wrong.)

also we all know that this day is beneficial to the environment

So the lesson is :

( i don't know who this is i found it on google!!)

Joe decided to start stealing my clothes

Yar har tiddledy die you are a pirate

I was attacked by Joe and Ed and this was forced upon me...

THEN I WAS DEFEATED! they hung me at the gallows.

Because my boots are awesome.

I like Pirates.

Bartholomew Roberts especially.

I know the truth and history behind pirates, i have let go of the romanticised Hollywood idea, i know what they were like. The brutal and savage nature of them does not put me off. I still love pirates.

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