Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Transit Of Venus

Transit Of Venus is the new Three Days Grace album that came out today. It is phenominal. Seriously amazing. Now i may be a tad biased, being a three days grace fan for about 6 years now, but i still think my opinion is valid.

Lets start from the beginning.

Sign of The times is the first Track on the CD. I have to admit i was unsure about this one to start with. I had to compare it to Chalk outline which is one EPIC. I was a little unsure because it didn't seem at first to have the large catchy chorus that characterizes most of Three Days Graces Songs. and Adam's voice sounds almost as though he is holding it back, not quiet just not 'unleashing' it. Then of course it changes, same lyrics but it gets much faster, more exciting and heavier. It has quite a sudden and welcome shift. It seems to be a song made of chorus rather than a song within itself, it doesn't seem to have an actual verse just repeated bridges maybe.

Then of course comes Chalk Outline, a monster of a song - in a good way of course. I have become the most familiar with this song as it was the one that they released pre-album release in an epic lyrics video.I never really paid much attention to the solitary man walking broodily through a town but usually to the lyrics layered on top of him. It's a powerful song that's for sure. Its an ode to the one that left him alone, its one of sadness but at the same time he's saying that he hopes she's (assumption :P) missing him. It gives us a picture of someone literally discarding him as though he doesn't matter. The chorus is definitely one to get stuck in your head and the music in the background is distinctive and memorable.

The next song The high road is a bit toned down from the ALMOST dubstep infused Chalk Outline. It reminds me more of one of their songs from One-x but till has a new spin to it. The chorus isn't quite as memorable as Chalk Outline, however that may be due to the lessening of electronic influences. Contrasting to a song of remorseful revenge this song seems to be more asking for change 'will you help me take the right way out' for someone that could just as easily hurt him. 'not gonna let it go' its a song of determination if anything.

Operate is one of my favourite songs, it has the perfect recipe for an unforgettable song, starting off with the chorus helps people to get into it more i guess. This song reminds me a lot of 'I hate everything about you' as he says things like 'don't want to see you on my phone' 'leave me alone' and yet at the same time he describes having .... intimate times with this person. I think it's a simple but awesome song that conforms to many of the stereotypes of Three Days Grace songs. Angry but full of love, lots of repeated chorus's.

Anonymous is almost of a different spirit, like 'world so cold' it focuses on a world thats hard and unfair to live in. And it explains his coping mechanisms. This song uses the repetition of the verses practically, it doesn't have much variety lyric wise and yet the way it plays it almost tricks you into thinking there are two distinct verses. Whilst in fact there is one distinct verse and chorus and a bridge, perhaps with slight variation. don't get me wrong, it works the way they do it. Mixing elements of louder and quieter playing.

Misery Loves Company almost confused me the first time i heard it. I could have sworn that the beginning was that of a different Three Days Grace song, i was mistaken however of course it was pretty much completely different but that doesn't stop my stupid mind from thinking it. This song is broody and uses the cliche term of 'misery loves company' and yet i have nothing bad to say about it really. I like it, the
instrumental music definitely sounds a bit like an amalgamation of past songs though. and yet i think it works.

The next song, Give in to me is a Micheal Jackson cover. I don't like Micheal Jackson generally so i can't comment on which version is better. I vote this one.

ahh i am so lazy. Happiness the next song is basically about Alcoholism i guess, a horrible topic but they dress it up to seem like a legitimate excuse 'when desperate times call for desperate measures'. i don't know why but this reminds me of Dylan Moran when talking about lingerie  'because i want my woman to look like a french fancy' or something. Bit of a random side note. i am lazy so i'll just say its a good song. not as good as others on the album but good.

Give me a reason is another one that i love i think. Although the initial 'oooohhhh''s at the beginning remind me a tad of Coldplay, you'd understand why if you heard it. It starts as one of the softest songs but it has really strange imagery 'feed on me like a vulture on a deer hit by a car' and i think that really works. It's strange but oddly effective.  This song is almost as if he is begging for provocation to do something bad, maybe as justification for something he has done or so he can let out anger. I don't know, i am awful at interpretations because i always get something NO ONE else thinks. or nothing. That's worse. This song also uses a lot of repetition but that oddly enough doesn't get annoying like it would in a pop song.

Time That Remains is the next song. It seems to be a song of Adam advising us not to follow in his footsteps, and to make the most of life YOLO (ARRRRRRGGGGHHHH NEVER SAY THAT) This song is significantly softer than most of the rest of the songs. It's reminiscent of the songs from Life Starts Now, their softest album to date i think (though still awesome) and it still makes use of the 'oooohhh' technique but significantly less Coldplay like than in the last song. It's just nice to listen to and makes more use of acoustic sounding music rather than the heaver or electronic stuff. It doesn't get going the adrenaline as much as the others but it's not meant to.

A complete contrast of the next song, Expectations is writhe with angst and lost dreams. Again reminds me a bit of the song Bully with how he is telling a story almost of these separate characters, who aren't having the greatest of times. The verses are dark low and then suddenly you get a burst of a higher frequency and quicker words of the simple 'Expectations go to hell' chorus. Although the chorus is one sentence repeated it is not annoying. It's like (but better) most pop songs that use SOO much repetition and it ingrains to song into our minds.

I really like Broken glass, the chorus is an emotive metaphor that makes a lot of sense to me 'all we are is broken glass' i think it's very relatable, something Three Days Grace songs are good at. Then the verses are a contrast. They are quick and each line is staccato almost if that makes sense. The gaps between them almost create a beat that you can't help but bob to. Its the stereotypical revolution song i think hat most rock albums seem to have and yet i don't think it is as cliche'd as they usually turn out to be.

Unbreakable heart is by far my favourite song on this album, i think it was a great choice for the last one. I think i relate to this song the most. It's an ode to the outcasted teenager really, people who have given up maybe. 'listen to your head remember who you are' it's like they are saying 'cheer up, ignore the negative message of most of these songs. like can be awesome'. It uses the same technique as anonymous, the repetition of the same verse and chorus but that is ok because i don't think they need to say anything else. Everything that is needed is in those words. i like the way he sings as well, lifting his voise almost for the end of the bridge and the chorus, sounds almost like he's creating his own harmony. (almost the way Chester Bennington sings.)

I just bloody love everything about this album. I was afraid i had too high expectations but basically it exceeded every one of them.

Well done Three Days Grace. You have out done yourselves :)