Monday, 22 July 2013

Batman and Superman together again

As most people probably know already, as i myself found out yesterday or the day before i cant remember, but i must express my happiness over the news of the imminent Batman/Superman crossover film. This is great news, those two have one of the most amazing bromances throughout several series of comics and animated movies, it's about time that someone portrayed this in live action. I have been waiting for this moment. Here's a news article that probably knows more about it than me. We can trust the BBC. (hehe) Although it wasn't the source that i got my information from.

My favourite crossover of those two has to be public enemies. i think it's because it highlights the different ways in which the two think, with the constant internal commentaries between them, and also how well they know each other. how well they can predict each others thought patterns and motives behind things. It just shows what great friends they are and how great they work together despite being polar opposites really. Just think of Batman, Bruce Wayne, the millionaire orphan who uses his vengeance to fight crime, who uses fear and darkness against his enemies, likes to work alone (despite the now extensive Batfamily) compared to the 'goody goody' that people perceive the humble Clarke Kent, Superman, who is loved and revered and idolised by the citizens of metropolis for his just nature and god-like powers. I don't know what i am trying to say. i guess i just love these two. They'd be my OTP if Morloki didn't exist. Or Catwoman and Lois Lane.

I Just Love Comics So Much.

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