Saturday, 13 July 2013

Doesn't it annoy you

When you spend so long creating something and it gets such a disappointingly low response? When you think you have an awesome idea or even you've just done something really well and then no one likes it. It's literally one of the most disappointing things for me. I can spend ages painting or drawing something and i can be really proud of it, until other people see it.
Then i realise it wasn't very good.
It is the worst thing for me.
So disappointing.

It really lowers your self esteem and makes me hesitant to carry on drawing sometimes; despite the fact that i know the things that i have done haven't really had great feedback in the past i keep hoping. This time, this time it will be different. This time i have created something awesome enough for at least a littler recognition.
It turns out that what i think is awesome is a doodle for someone else and i suck at everything! oh dear oh dear. So I'm going to share somethings that NOW i know suck but at the time i thought were awesome.
I guess i just need to improve!


Chalk Outline

It's Not Over

Only a memory




Man Of Steel



And to be honest the rest of my gallery..... sigh!
I suppose practice makes perfect!

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  1. None of those suck, they are all amazing!!!! You know you are good. if you need a reminder, just compare it to my crap. I NEVER get any comments of recognition XD