Monday, 14 October 2013


I really enjoy blogging, even if no one really reads me, but i keep forgetting that this blog exists. It's bad it really is. I should be ashamed XD
Well it's not like i have anything interesting to say but that is entirely besides the point. I like saying it anyway, to a blank wall. Where no one can openly judge me to my face for saying whatever i am saying. Like a diary. But an online one. I'm talking jibberish now i know.

Anyway. I'm at uni, art foundation. Its awesome and sucky at the same time
I still have no friends
Emotionally scarred by fictional characters (But who isn't OuO)

Thinking about getting an Aquaman themed tattoo. What i have in mind is basically his new 52 trident (which i think looks freaking badass) infront of his symbol. Now i have many reasons for this. For one, Aquaman is badass, people don't seem to realise this but it is very true. He is full of the bodacious awesomeness. and that is kind of part of the next reason as well. Aquaman has always been the underdog, the mocked one, the one people hate for, in my humble opinion, no real reason. He was classed as lame from the beginning and he had difficulty breaking out of that mold. No matter how awesome he became ( i mean come on, 90s aquaman was badass)

And yet people still mocked him. And they still do. Because of popular opinion, shared through media such as Family Guy and Big Bang Theory, people assume he is lame without really taking the time to look at him properly. Therefore he is simply misunderstood, and people aren't giving him the time to understand him.
I dunno. I cant really explain it properly. I guess i can just relate to aquaman. He has inner awesomeness that people are too blind to see (i'm not saying i am awesome aha) But Aquaman is hated for no reason. But he still endures. The New 52 has done him wonders, he knows that people mock him but he soldiers through. 
This has been a scattered entry and i am too lazy to re read it and edit it. What i am saying is that Aquaman is one of the most relateable heroes to me because of the hate that he endures. But Aquaman is awesome, and one day people will realise that. One day.

Mark My Words.

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  1. Someone still reads your blog, keep your head up :)