Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Looking back

It has never ceased to amuse me that i have had this blog for years and i still don't really know what to do with it or what to post on it.
Perhaps what i could do is an update upon certain things that have happened to me, that could be a start. Well i finished my foundation year in art and design and if i find out within the next few weeks that i have passed then i shall go on to do Illustration next year. I am as excited as it is physically possible for me to be, which is a bit excited. I have had some awful projects this year but i have also managed to produce somethat i am quite happy with.
One that i was happy with was my project based on the word collections, i decided to create a collection of fairy tales, or at least motif's from fairy tales. While they aren't perfect because i feel as though i ran out of time, i still like them and may develop them in the future when i have the effort.

Half of the pictures I ended up producing

And then there is my final major project which i am fairly happy with, not because of the overall plot or outcome but because i love the way that certain drawings and certain pages turned out. It was a comic book but it wasn't the best that i could do. However i still loved certain aspects of it.

A selection of pages i liked in no particular order

Overall this year was enjoyable and i feel as though i learnt a lot, so i am looking forward to carrying on my education further. That is all i have left to say.

Have a lovely day.

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